European American Tourism Association


The European American Tourism Association, which is widely recognized as EAMTA, is comprised of a select group of leading professional travel experts that include agents, tour operators, suppliers and organizations who provide services within the United States and European Union.

EAMTA routinely cooperates with various government entities and international organizations to provide a wide array of benefits and travel options.

Operating out of Manhattan, New York, EAMTA has been able to develop close working relationships with the pillars of the US travel industry so that our European members are able to benefit from our wide reach within the US travel market.

In Europe, EAMTA is stationed in one of the oldest cities, Poznan, Poland. American companies can have direct and efficient access to European organizations and travel providers throughout the region.

Range of Benefits

The strength of EAMTA stems from its ability to offer unique opportunities to members through a defined set of business goals designed to maintain their best interests. We strive to achieve higher sales numbers, increase profitability, and develop mutually beneficial relationships with each of our members.

We do this by creating new business opportunities for our members to continuously improve profitability in a highly competitive environment. All EAMTA members are equally represented anywhere the association is introduced.

As membership grows, every institutional participant within EAMTA is required to offer a special advantage that is beneficial to all members. This special offer is not in the form of a discount, which is already generally available to the public market. Instead, it is a unique benefit that is only available to EAMTA members.

In this way, EAMTA is able to work for every one of its members through a wide range of offerings that cannot be seen elsewhere.

Why Join EAMTA?

Opportunity for Greater

With a wide field of EAMTA members at your disposal, you have the opportunity to reach a greater audience and achieve more business. That means higher profits for your company.

Easy Access to the US and European Travel Markets

Many of the world’s leading travel destinations will be at your fingertips with access to knowledgeable experts in any European or American zones. Plus you can take advantage of members-only benefits.

Grow Partner

As you do business with other EAMTA partners, you will build a solid foundation of trust and reliability you can count on for your clients. Booking an ideal destination will be easier knowing your partner well.

Our New Project


Why is ETAF
Right for You

Today’s travel professionals have a unique opportunity to take advantage of a growing network that brings together travel experts from North America with those in Europe through the European Travel Agent Forum.

The event will bring together sellers and suppliers in networking events, education sessions, product and destination sponsored programs, and unique destination experiences throughout our host city of Poznan, Poland.

Travel sellers who attend ETAF are hand-picked through a stringent review process that evaluates annual sales, year over year growth, and niche focus areas as related to the overall contributions made to European vacation bookings.

Our Partners

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